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made in italy

D'AMICO creates ... a line of Belts, Accessories and Jewels that combine the beauty of high quality and Made in Italy style, the technical features of craftsmanship, symbol of creativity and excellence, thus creating collections with a strong context urban and modern, distinguishing itself for the meticulous study of design. The Accessories D 'have become over time one of the strengths of the brand, in which the stylistic effervescence of D'AMICO style is best expressed. Precious and semi-precious materials are branched off creating a Collection of Bijoux and Jewels in Sterling Silver obtaining a recognizable and trendy image. P / Keys, Bracelets, Rings and Necklaces are the coolest product categories among D'AMICO D 'Accessories.
“we work with our hands we create with passion”

D'AMICO is a luxury accessories brand that reinterprets the style of a modern man through a courageous and unconventional vision. D'AMICO considers the term "handmade" a real company mission, bringing the tradition of Italian excellence in leather processing to a new level of style and refinement.


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